Gas Well Abandonment Solutions in Orange County, CA

The state of California has very strict and specific regulations when it comes to oil and gas wells that are found on a property. If left unattended or avoided by the landowner, they can cause a variety of financial and environmental difficulties further down the road.

If you find an abandoned gas well on your property in Orange County, CA, contact Witten Engineering to keep your property protected from state regulations and damaging gases. Our team of experienced engineers can handle any property’s gas wells; we’ll provide you with gas well abandonment solutions that are affordable and efficient.

How Our Services Differ

At Witten Engineering, our goal is always to save you time and money. If you find an abandoned gas well on your property, you want to know that your team of engineers is committed to your needs and the health of your property. Sadly, unattended gas wells can damage the land your property is on, and can quickly become costly to repair on your own.

That’s where Witten Engineering can help. Our gas well abandonment service will begin with an assessment of the needs of your property. We’ll ensure that every detail is taken into consideration before we work to service the abandoned gas well. We’ll quickly work to ensure the well meets the standards set by the state of California so that your property goals can move forward without a hitch.

We’re committed to providing you with a service you can rely on at a price that can’t be beaten. All of our engineers are licensed and insured so that your best interests are always protected.

How to Contact Us

For any questions regarding your gas well abandonment service or general questions about our additional services, give us a call at (562) 682-6234. We look forward to servicing your abandoned gas well so that your property dreams can become a reality.